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About sweet pea chic

Sweet Pea Chic dreamed up by Founder and CEO Shemaine Fox-Pickens to provide expecting Mother’s with a baby starter kit that was not just for baby, but for them as well. We are excited to bring you these amazing care boxes that were designed with women in mind. They were created by and for women that are ready to start their journey towards Motherhood and are filled with support resources and chic gifts that make for an amazing gift for any Queen ready to expand her kingdom!

Our Team has put together some amazing resources and built a community for women to join in and share their experiences and knowledge from their trying to conceive journeys, all the way to Motherhood and we hope that our care boxes can help make those experiences a little brighter. 

Fertility is a huge part of every women's life and part of Sweet Pea Chic's goal is to help women get educated about fertility and how to go about starting the discussion around fertility concerns. Your wellness prior to trying to conceive is just as important as your health while pregnant. 

We have opened the floor for discussions around fertility and created our care boxes to help make your experience trying to conceive, being pregnant and giving birth more comfortable and little sweeter!

We hope that you will take some time to join in on the conversations with other CHIC MOMMY's where we discuss all sorts of topics around fertility and pregnancy wellness! 

Thank you for stopping by, and again Welcome to Sweet Pea Chic!