Since you've made the decision to expand your family we know that you are now taking a look at your health, wellness and finances to help prepare you for your little one to arrive! Getting prepared is the best thing you can do over the next nine months and we've provided some of TOP PICKS on apps, websites, and more to help you get started!

Here are some tips we recommend as you being your journey:

  • Make a list of questions for your Doctor about trying to conceive and/or about the Do's and Don'ts during your pregnancy

  • Build a GREAT support system! Pregnancy can be a KILLER on your emotions so prepare your loved ones and ask for their support

  • No alcohol and quit smoking! Both of these are not good for your reproductive health! That goes for your significant other as well!

  • Choose a Prenatal vitamin and begin taking it right away! This helps give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to prepare for another life to set up shop for NINE MONTHS!

  • Get your REST! Getting the proper rest your body needs is important and can aid in your conception



Our Sweet Pea Chic Team has put together our TOP PICKS for apps you can download to help you track your cycle and peak times of your ovulation window to help conception a little bit more predictable! Keep in mind they're giving you their best estimate based on the info you provide so be as accurate as you can!

  • Glow Ovulation/Period Tracker

  • Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

  • Flow Period & Ovulation Tracker

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Your Doctor will be your best resource for your individual health needs so we encourage you ask as many questions as you can! Your health is vital and we encourage discussion with your Doctor even BEFORE you begin trying to conceive for maximum preparation! Our Team has put together a list of TOP PICKS for pregnancy wellness information that can give you some tips and ideas on what questions to ask your Doctor!

  • www.natural-fertility-info.com

  • www.parents.com

  • www.wellnessmama.com

These websites are excellent resource sites that provide great information on prenatal care, diet, exercise, vitamins, and other healthy options to incorporate into your daily routine. Be sure to discuss with your doctor before taking anything, or before changing diet or exercise routines! Your Doctor can give you the OK, as well as provide additional resources that can help.

Here's a FANTASTIC video that can provide some picks on Prenatal Vitamins that you can take even before you begin trying to conceive! Discuss these picks with your Doctor and let them help you choose the right vitamin for you! Remember, YOU HEALTH = YOUR BABY'S HEALTH!

There are many opinions about what prenatal vitamins are essential to helping your baby stay healthy. In this short video, Oakdale ObGyn dietician Kim Plessel talks about why prenatal vitamins matter, reviews the latest recommendations for prenatal vitamins, and how to choose those that are right for you.

Here's a great video on WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR FIRST TRIMESTER and what to expect on your first few visits with your Doctor!

This video goes through what to expect at your first trimester visit with your obgyn. You will learn about what you will see on your ultrasound and what you will be expected to do!

Want to know some healthy food choices for Conception! Take a look at our TOP PICK videos and be SURE to discuss with your Doctor before trying!

Got babies on the brain? Aisling Lanigan shares the top foods you should be eating to boost your fertility.